Forest Sciences’ Day

One of the main objectives of the Finnish Society of Forest Science is to distribute widely the results of forest research. An important channel for reaching this objective is the annual Forest Sciences’ Day. It offers a timely review to the newest results of forest research and promotes discussions between scientists and actors of practical forestry. Forest Sciences’ Day has each year a timely general topic. We invite 3 – 4 renowned scientists of the topic to deliver keynote talks in the plenary session. We also publish an open call for proposal for the concurrent sessions. Each year, 20 – 25 voluntary talks are given in five concurrent sessions. The event is open for all public. The Forest Sciences’ Day is to most important annual gathering of forest scientists, developers of science applications, and all others interested in new knowledge on forests in Finland.

Forest Science Day is organised with support from the foundation Metsämiesten säätiö.

We do not have open calls for proposals at the moment.

Forest Sciences’ Day 26 October 2022

Forest Science Day 26 October 2021

Forest Science Day 20 October 2020

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Forest Science Day 26 November 2018 (in Finnish)

Forest Science Day 24 October 2017 (in Finnish)

Forest Science Day 19 October 2016 (in Finnish)

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