Forest Science Day 26 October 2021

This year, the Forest Science Day will be organised on 26 October 2021 as a webinar. The Day will part of the Year of Research-based Knowledge.

Download the Book of Abstracts.

The topic of current year’s Forest Science Day deals with the role of the research-based knowledge in the use of forests, both current practices and future. In the talks of the morning plenary session, we hear about the role of research-based knowledge in forestry, research as a basis for EU forest policy, an ecologist’s view on Finnish forest management recommendations and the future challenges of Finnish forest management in the light of research. The plenary speakers will join a common discussion with the audience at the end of the plenary.

Morning plenary programme (in Finnish) 9:00 – 12:15

9:00-9:05Opening of the Forest Science DayMarjo Palviainen, Finnish Society of Forest Science
9:05-9:40Scientific knowledge: Superior basis for forestry yet not sufficient aloneHeikki Hänninen, Zhejiang A&F University, Hangzhou, China
9:40-10:10Research support for EU forest policyLauri Hetemäki, University of Helsinki
10:10-10:40Research-based knowledge on natural structure and development of forests – Challenges for protecting biodiversity in forests managed according to the current best practicesTuomas Aakala, University of Eastern Finland
11:00-11:30Future of Finnish forest management in the light of research-based knowledgeHeli Peltola, University of Eastern Finland
11:30-12:15Common discussionAll plenary speakers, chair Risto Päivinen, Tapio Ltd.
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Speakers of the morning plenary in the common discussion. Upper row from left Heli Peltola and Tuomas Aakala; Bottom row from left Heikki Hänninen, Risto Päivinen (chair) and Lauri Hetemäki.

Afternoon parallel sessions 13:15 – 16:00

The science clubs of the Finnish Society of Forest Science will organise six parallel sessions in the afternoon for discussing the applications of research-based forest knowledge in the diverse field of forestry. The talks will be selected based on an open call for proposals. The call is closed. The links below lead to the session programmes.

The main language of the Forest Science Day is Finnish but we have also talks in Swedish or English. The pages are in Finnish only unless the availability of the English version is indicated after the session topic.

Forest Biology Club: Research-based solutions for forest management and conservation (in English)

Forest Economist Club: Social science research and the use of forests

Silviculture Club: What is sufficient evidence in silviculture?

Human-Forest Relations Club: Research-based knowledge on forest relations (in English)

Forest Mensuration Club: Application of the new, exact laser scanning data in forest research (in English)

Forest Technology Club: Research-based knowledge on practical forest operations

Late afternoon programme 16:20 – 17:00

16.20 – 16.25Welcome to the evening programmeMarjo Palviainen, Finnish Society of Forest Science
16.25 – 16.40Award of the honorary prizes of the Forest Mensuration Club:
– Golden Honorary Medal of the Club
– Simo Poso Prize for an excellent Master’s thesis
16.40 – 16.55Presentation of the new Human-Forest Relations ClubJaana Laine; Chair of the Human-Forest Relations Club
16.55 – 17.00Closure of the Forest Science DayMarjo Palviainen


Registration is closed. Zoom link to Forest Science Day will be sent only to registered delegates.

Organising Committee:

Marjo Palviainen, Finnish Society of Forest Science (chair); marjo.palviainen { }, +358 29 415 8122

Nuutti Kiljunen, Silviculture Club; nuutti.kiljunen { }

Jaana Laine, Forest Relations Club; jaana.laine { }

Jussi Leppänen, Forest Economist Club; jussi.leppanen { }

Jukka Malinen, Forest Technology Club; jukka.malinen { }

Mari Myllymäki; Forest Mensuration Club; mari.myllymaki { }

Pekka Punttila, Forest Biology Club; pekka.punttila { }

Pekka Nygren, Finnish Society of Forest Science (secretary); pekka.nygren { }, +358 44 558 1199

Forest Science Day is funded by the foundation Metsämiesten säätiö.