Human-Forest Relationship Research Club

The Human-Forest Relationship Research Club (Metsäsuhdeklubi) was established on the 12 January 2021 and accepted as a science club in the Finnish Society of Forest Science on the 1 March 2021.

The Human-Forest Relationship Research Club aims to 

  • promote forest-related research (research on the human-forest interrelatedness) in the broad field of humanities and to enhance the interaction between human-forest interrelatedness research, forest sciences research, practical forestry and the use of forests. 
  • stimulate scientific discussion on the human-forest relationship as a part of the society and its functions, and various cultures. promote education and doctoral programmes in the field of human-forest interrelatedness research. 
  • act as a networking platform for researchers and societies working in the field of human-forest interrelatedness research. 
  • increase familiarity and appreciation of forest-related research in humanities. 

The club organizes scientific seminars, presentations, talks and meetings for researchers. The members of the club contribute to the events and publications of the Finnish Society of Forest Science from the human-forest interrelatedness research perspective. The club also seeks to promote international networking among researchers in the field. 

You can find information about our upcoming activities also on X @metsasuhdeklub 

For further inquiries, please contact:

Tuulikki Halla, chair, tuulikki.halla ( )
Reetta Karhunkorva, secretary, reetta.karhunkorva ( )

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