The Finnish Society of Forest Science

The Finnish Society of Forest Science was established in 1909 to promote research in forest and wood science in Finland. The Society is a network of researchers that strives to stimulate scientific discussion and cooperation within the forest research community, to enhance communication between researchers and practical foresters, and to promote public interest in forest research. In spite of the initial national mission, the Society has also actively participated in international scientific cooperation.

The Society has about 500 members. Several companies, non-governmental organisations, and state-funded organisations act as supporting members of the Society.

Latest news

  • Grantees / Apurahan saajat 2021

    Finnish Society of Forest Science awarded in the Sring meeting on 6 April 2021 five research grants, total of 73,316 €, three travel grants, total of 3,895 €, and a 1,000 € grant for digitising and open publishing of the history of the Finnish Forest Research Institute.
  • Finnish Society of Forest Science awarded the thesis prizes for doctoral dissertations of Dr Jiri Pyörälä and Dr Kaisa Rissanen, and for M.Sc. thesis of Hanna Joronen

    Finnish Society of Forest Science awards annually prizes for excellent doctoral and Master’s theses accepted during the preceding year. This year, prizes for excellent doctoral dissertations were awarded to Dr Jiri Pyörälä for his work “Assessing wood properties in standing timber with laser scanning” and Dr Kaisa Rissanen for her work “Scots pine resin and BVOC emissions in relation to tree water dynamics”. Ms Hanna Joronen received the prize for her M.Sc. thesis “Factors affecting bending strength and modulus of elasticity in juvenile and mature wood of downy birch and modelling them with linear mixed-effect models” (in Finnish).
  • Information Letter – 1/2021 – Jäsentiedote

    The new bilingual (Finnish - English) Information Letter of our Society has just been published. It includes the invitation to our Spring meeting on 6 April 2021. In the news, we tell about acceptance of the Forest Science Day to the programme of the Year of Research-Based Knowledge and establishment of a new club in our Society. The club, Metsäsuhdeklubi, promotes humanities and social science research on forest.
  • Invitation to Spring Meeting on 6 April 2021

    Spring meeting of the Finnish Society of Forest Science will be held on Tuesday 6 April 2021 at 15:00 as a remote meeting. Finnish law requires that all participants to an on-line members’ meeting of a society must register at latest a week before the meeting. Thus, register at latest on 31 March 2021 using the link on the invitation page. The programme includes, in addition to the statutory items, publishing of the thesis prizes and grants of our Society.
  • Webinar “Open data in forest sciences – benefits, problems and future” (in Finnish)

    Many European research funders, including the Academy of Finland, demand that data produced in projects of their funding must be open. Why the data should be open? What are the pros and cons of opening research data? Finnish Society of Forest Science organised a webinar on open data in forest sciences on 10 Dec 2020. We heard talks on the experiences of data openers and users of open data, good practices for opening your data. Links to the recordings are in the Finnish language page of the event.