Invitation: Survey about the membership of learned societies and of the readership of scholarly journals

Dear member,

The Federation for Finnish Learned Societies is studying the membership of learned societies and we ask you to spend a few minutes to take part in this survey. 

Link to the survey:

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In Finland, there are more than 300 learned societies with approximately 260 000 members. The question is who are the members and why they want to hold their membership? The aim of this study is to find an answer to this question. The survey is conducted by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies which is a co-operative body for learned societies in Finland. Learned societies can use the results from this survey to develop their activities and the Federation may develop its services for the societies.

By taking part in this survey, you will give valuable information about the membership of your society. Every answer is important. It takes about 15 minutes to fill the survey. Respondents can participate in a draw of #minätutkin t-shirts and books from Tiedekirja.  

The questionnaire is open to all members of learned societies and those working as researchers in Finland. The questionnaire is available in Finnish and English and it is possible to leave comments on open questions with any language. The survey is open until the 15th of March 2022. 

Survey data will be analysed and published in a way that does not allow identification of individual respondents. Results will be published in a research report in the Publication Series of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. Anonymized data will be archived to the Finnish social science data archive for further research use.

Please ask more information about the study from researcher Elina Late (

Thank you for your contribution!