Webinar “Open data in forest sciences – benefits, problems and future” (in Finnish)

Thursday, 10 December 2020, 13:00 – 15:45

Many European research funders, including the Academy of Finland, demand that data produced in projects of their funding must be open. Open data is also an essential demand of the growing Open Science Movement. Why the data should be open? What are the pros and cons of opening research data? In the webinar on open data in forest sciences organised by the Finnish Society of Forest Science, the participants heard on the experiences of data openers and users of open data, good practices for opening your data, open data of the Finnish Forest Centre and on the new openness and transparency policy in the journals of the Finnish Society of Forest Science. The webinar was in Finnish.

The links to the webinar recordings are available on the Finnish page of the webinar.


13.00-13.05Opening, MMT Arto Kariniemi, Finnish Society of Forest Science
13.05-13.30Experiences on opening data, Research Scientist Pasi Kolari, University of Helsinki
13.30-13.55Open data in the research of forest remote sensing, Research Scientist Lauri Korhonen, University of Eastern Finland
13.55-14.20Services for a scientist define if open data succeeds or vanishes, Customer Solution Manager Heidi Laine, CSC
14.35-14.50Use of the data of the Finnish Forest Centre in research, Forest Information Expert Juha Inkilä, Finnish Forest Centre
14.50-15.05Openness and transparency guidelines of the publications of the Finnish Society of Forest Science, Editor-in-Chief Matti Maltamo, Suomen Metsätieteellinen Seura
15.05-15.45General discussion chaired by Editor-in-Chief Teppo Hujala, Finnish Society of Forest Science