Invitation to the autumn meeting on 30 November 2023

Autumn meeting of the Finnish Society of Forest Science will be held on Thursday 30 November 2023 at 15:00 in Room 505 of the House of Sciences and Letters (Tieteiden talo, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki). The meeting is open for all ordinary and honorary members of the Society, and to the representatives of supporting members who must present an authorisation from the supporting member. Registration for remote participation is closed. The registered delegates will receive the Zoom link soon.


1.   Opening of the meeting

2.   Election of the meeting chair, secretary, reviewers of the minutes, and voice counters.

3.   Confirmation of the legality and quorum of the meeting.

4.   Acceptance of the programme.

5.   Confirmation of the Plan of activities 2024, Budget 2024 and the membership fee for 2024.

6.   Election of the chair and vice-chair of the Society for 2024 and two board members for term 2024 – 2026. The proposal of a work group searching for candidates is:

  • Chair 2024: Assistant Professor Marjo Palviainen, University of Helsinki
  • Vice Chair 2024: Research Professor Liisa Tyrväinen, Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • board members 2024 – 2026: Dr Heikki Ovaskainen, Metsäteho Ltd. and Dr Virpi Virjamo, University of Eastern Finland

Members of the Society who have the voting right may present other candidates in the meeting.

7.   Election of the auditor of the accounts and the activities of the Society for 2023. The proposal:

  • Auditor of Accounts: Audit society Tiliextra Ltd.
  • Because the auditor is an audit society, vice-auditor is not elected.
  • Auditor of Activities: Mr Jussi Leppänen, Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Vice-Auditor of Activities: Dr Jussi Lintunen, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Members of the Society who have the voting right may present other candidates in the meeting.

8. Information on data openness practices in the journals of the Society from 1 Jan 2024 onwards.

9.   Other possible items: If a member wants to propose a topic that requires a decision of the Autumn meeting of the Society, they should send an e-mail detailing the topic to the Executive Manager of the Society ( at latest on 16 November 2023. Discussion topics may be proposed also after that, at latest on site at the time of the acceptance of the meeting programme.

10. Closure of the meeting

Helsinki, 9 November 2023

Board of the Finnish Society of Forest Science


Draft of the plan of activities 2024 (in Finnish):

Draft of the budget 2024 (in Finnish):