FAIR opening of research data: Recordings are available on our web site

A hybrid seminar organised by the Finnish Society of Forest Science

Time: 22 August 2023, 13:00 – 16:00

Open research data is an essential part of open science. Data openness makes the published research truly reproducible, reuse of valuable data may lower research costs and open data may be reused for constructing time series or as a part of a meta analysis. Open data enhances quality of research. Thus, many research funders request opening of data produced with their funding, including European Union, Academy of Finland and the leading Finnish research foundations. Increasing number of scientific journals request opening of data, on which research reported in them is based.

Most research funders and journals request the data to be opened following the FAIR principles. FAIR data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. What does this mean for the research process, from planning to data collection to analysis and finally to publication? Finnish Society of Forest Science organised in August 2023 a half-day hybrid seminar on FAIR opening of research data. During the afternoon, we learned how to make the data findable, how to ensure that they are accessible to other scientists, what is required for data interoperability and how to define which data may be reusable and, thus, are worth long-term preservation. We learned the practical steps for FAIRly opening research data.

The recordings are aimed to all forest and environmental scientists, independently of their career level. Scientists from other fields of study willing to learn more on FAIR opening of research data are equally welcome to view the recordings linked below.

The seminar language was English.

Programme and speakers

13:00-13:10Opening of the seminar: What is FAIR data?Managing Editor Pekka Nygren, Finnish Society of Forest Science
13:10-13:25Benefits of open data for the scientist who opensProfessor Timo Vesala, University of Helsinki
13:25-13:55F – FindableInformation Specialist Juuso Marttila, University of Jyväskylä
13:55-14:25A – AccessibleSenior Scientist Matti Katila, Natural Resources Institute Finland
14:25-14:50C – Coffee break
14:50-15:20I – InteroperableResearch Data Management Specialist Hanna Koivula, CSC – IT Center for Science CSC
15:20-15:50R – ReusableUniversity Researcher Pasi Kolari, University of Helsinki
15:50-16:00Closing remarksPekka Nygren