Registeration to the Forest Sciences’ Day is closed

Place: Viikki Campus of the University of Helsinki, Forest Sciences Building

Time: Wednesday 26 October 2022, 9:00 – ca. 20:00


© Finnish Society of Forest Science / Pekka Nygren CC BY-SA 4.0

Registeristration is closed. Because of the large number of participants, we cannot accept post-registrations.

Forest Sciences’ Day will be organised for the 30th time on 26 October 2022 in the Viikki Campus of the University of Helsinki. The Day was organised for the first time in 1984 in connection to the 75th anniversary of the Finnish Society of Forest Science. Since 1995, the Day was organised annually under the name Forest Science Day. We will recover the name in plural, Forest Sciences’ Day, now on the occasion of the 30th event for emphasising the multidisciplinary nature of forest sciences.

The topic of the year 2022 will be “Measurement and valuation of biological diversity”. Diversity of forests forms the interconnected fabric of life that supports their functions. The fabric of life enables the functioning of forest ecosystems, resilience to disturbances, adaptation to environmental changes and sustainable timber production. In the Forest Sciences’ Day we will review if all nodes in the fabric of life are equally important. We will ask how much the fabric of life may be disturbed before it cannot support the life of a forest. We will evaluate if people can repair the fabric of life by means of nature management. We will have a look on the methods for measuring these phenomena. Above all, we will ask what is the value of the forest diversity for the nature, economy and society. During the morning, we will have a plenary session, in which the best experts of diversity science will answer to these and other questions.

We cannot make all important questions in the plenary, much less answer to all of them. Thus, the science clubs of the Finnish Society of Forest Science will organise six parallel sessions in the afternoon. The parallel sessions will provide the view points of ecology, silviculture, management planning, economics, logistics and social sciences and humanities to the value of biological diversity of forests.

Both the morning plenary session and afternoon parallel session will be organised in hybrid mode, which will enable remote participation all delegates that want it.

Check the full programme of the Forest Sciences’ Day. You will find the registration link also on the programme page.

Parallel session topics and contacts

TitleOrganising clubContact
Creating diversity with nature management: How to evaluate, valuate and use the results of nature management?Forest Biology ClubHannes Pasanen
hannes.pasanen {}
+358 50 576 7010
Economic viewpoints on forest diversityForest Economist ClubSampo Pihlainen
sampo.pihlainen {}
+358 29 525 2225
Biological diversity in silvicultureSilviculture ClubPasi Puttonen
pasi.puttonen {}
+358 40 574 6058
Diverse forests and human-forest relationshipsHuman-Forest Relations Research ClubKirsi Laurén
kirsi.lauren {}
+358 50 331 5870
Measuring and considering biological diversity in the use of forestsForest Mensuration ClubMari Myllymäki
mari.myllymaki {}
+358 29 532 6827
Environmental effectiveness of forest operationsTechnology ClubJukka Malinen
jukka.malinen {}
+358 44 5636013

Forest Sciences’ Day will be organised with the support from the foundation Metsämiesten säätiö.