Call for presentations to the Forest Sciences’ Day “From sustainable timber production to sustainable forest bioeconomy” on 23 Aug 2024

© Suomen Metsätieteellinen Seura / Pekka Nygren CC BY-SA 4.0



Finnish Society of Forest Science organises the traditional Forest Sciences’ Day on topic “From sustainable timber production to sustainable forest bioeconomy”. The hybrid event will be on 23 October 2024. The physical meeting will be in the Viikki Campus of the University of Helsinki. During the years, the Forest Sciences’ Day has become the most important annual gathering of forest scientists and others interested in forest sciences. This year, we have the 32nd Forest Sciences’ Day.

Forest Sciences’ Day 2024 is a part of the programme of the “Year of Sivistys“. The Finnish word “sivistys” does not have direct translation into English but it refers to civilisation, good general education and enlightenment. The Year is full of events free to all. The Finnish Society of Forest Science participates for enhancing general understanding on forests and forestry. We emphasise the Everyone’s Right to Forest Science.

The sustainability concept was first introduced in Germany in the early 1800s in the forestry context. At that time, the concept referred only to sustaining or increasing timber production over time. In forest bioeconomy, the forests do not provide just timber but also several ecosystem services. New uses of forests and mitigation of the environmental change call for extensive review of the sustainability concept. The Forest Sciences’ Day 2024 will offer an in-depth review on the concept and practice of sustainability. We will learn from the history for understanding year 2024 and will look to the future.

The topics of the morning plenary session will deal with many dimensions of the sustainability concept, green investment, reliability of forest development scenarios for evaluating sustainability, responsibility in the wood procurement of a global forest enterprise and feasibility of forest bioeconomy transitions.

We cannot make all important questions in the plenary, much less answer all of them. The science clubs of the Finnish Society of Forest will organise six parallel sessions in the afternoon. In these sessions, sustainability will be discussed from the viewpoints of several subdisciplines of forest sciences. Do you have new research results on the topic or experiences on application of sustainability science to forest management? Submit a talk proposal to the parallel session that is closest to your topic. Deadline will be 26 August 2024. Talks in English are warmly welcome. More information and instructions for abstract submission can be found in the Forest Sciences’ Day website.

By the end of the Day, we will celebrate the 115 years of work for enhancing forest sciences by the Finnish Society of Forest Science.