The Statutes of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club

The Statutes were approved at the constitutive meeting on the 12 January 2021. 

1. Name

The Human-Forest Relationship Research Club acts as a science club in the Finnish Society of Forest Science. 

2. Purpose and forms of activity

The purpose of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club is to 

  • promote forest-related research (research on the human-forest interrelatedness) in the broad field of humanities and to enhance the interaction between human-forest interrelatedness research, forest sciences research, practical forestry and the use of forests. 
  • stimulate scientific discussion on the human-forest relationship as a part of the society and its functions, and various cultures. 
  • promote education and doctoral programmes in the field of human-forest interrelatedness research. 
  • act as a networking platform for researchers and societies working in the field of human-forest interrelatedness research. 
  • increase familiarity and appreciation of forest-related research in humanities. 

The club organizes scientific seminars, presentations, talks and meetings for researchers. The members of the club contribute to the events and publications of the Finnish Society of Forest Science from the human-forest interrelatedness research perspective. The club also seeks to promote international networking among researchers in the field. 

3. Members

Any individual or organization wishing to promote the purpose and activities of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club are eligible for membership. Decisions concerning admission of members shall be taken by the Board of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club, hereinafter referred to as “the Board”. Applications for membership must be submitted to the Board for approval. Membership is free of charge. It is desirable that the members of the club also apply for membership in the Finnish Society of Forest Science. Members are entitled to resign from the club at any time by notifying the Board thereof. Individuals who are distinguished in the field of human-forest interrelatedness research may be invited to become honorary members upon the decision of the annual General Assembly. The Board may expel any member whose actions within the club involve serious misconduct or violation of the law, or who has caused deliberate damage to the club and its operations, or who has failed to fulfil the obligations to which he or she has committed himself or herself by joining the club even after receiving a reminder.

4. Board

The affairs of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club are managed by the Board, which includes a Chair and six (6) board members appointed by the Executive Committee of the Finnish Society of Forest Science. The board members shall serve a term of three calendar years. Annually two (2) board members are liable to retire by rotation. For the first two years the board members to retire by rotation shall be drawn by lots, if necessary. 

Various scientific fields should be comprehensively represented on the Board. The Board shall compose of members who represent the various scientific fields of human-forest interrelatedness research and are at different stages of their career. One of the board members shall represent the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto. 

The annual General Assembly of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club shall propose new board members to the Finnish Society of Forest Science. The Board shall elect a Vice-Chair and a Secretary among its members. 

The Board shall convene at the invitation of the Chair, or in case of his or her absence, the Vice-Chair at least two (2) times a year: once in the first half of the calendar year and again in the second half of the calendar year, or in addition when at least 1/3 of the board members so request. The Board may also convene online. 

The Board has a quorum when at least three of its members, in addition to the Chair or the Vice-Chair, are present. Decisions are made by a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Chair, or in case of his or her absence, the Vice-Chair, shall have the casting vote, except in the case of elections, which are decided by drawing lots. 

The term of the Board shall expire at the end of the next annual General Assembly following its election. 

5. Authority to sign for the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club

Either the Chair or the Vice-Chair together with the Secretary are authorized to sign for the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club. 

6. Notice of a General Assembly

The Board shall notify the members of a General Assembly no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting by e-mail and by announcing the meeting in the communication channels decided on by the Board. 

7. General assemblies

The Board shall convene the annual General Assembly of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club by the end of February each year. All general assemblies may also be held online or by e-mail. 

Extraordinary general assemblies shall be held when the Board deems it necessary or when at least ten members of the club so request from the Board in writing to discuss a proposed matter. Upon the written request of ten members of the club, an extraordinary general assembly shall be held within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request. 

Each member shall have one vote in the general assemblies of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club. 

Organizations are entitled to one vote in the general assemblies. Organizations shall exercise the right to vote by proxy. If the representative of the organization is also a member of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club, he or she may only exercise the right to vote by proxy on behalf of the organization they represent. The number of organizations that any one person may represent is limited to one. (Added on 23 April 2021) 

Decisions are made by a simple majority of votes, unless otherwise stated in the rules. In the event of a tie, the chairperson of the meeting shall have the casting vote, except in the case of elections, which are decided by drawing lots. 

8. Annual General Assembly 

The following matters shall be dealt with at the annual General Assembly of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club: 

  • opening of the meeting, 
  • election of the meeting’s chairperson, secretary, two persons to scrutinize the minutes and two persons to supervise the counting of votes, 
  • declaration of the meeting’s quorum, 
  • approval of the meeting’s agenda, 
  • presentation of the annual report, 
  • adoption of the plan of operations, 
  • nomination of the candidates proposed to be appointed as Chair and as board members, 
  • any other matters mentioned in the notice of the meeting. 

In case a member of the club wishes to discuss a matter in the annual General Assembly, any proposals to the agenda must be made to the Board in writing no later than on the 15 January so that the matters may be included in the notice of the meeting. 

9. Amendments to the statues and dissolution of the Club

A decision on the amendments to the statutes or on the dissolution of the Human-Forest Relationship Research Club shall be made by a majority of at least three quarters (3/4) of the votes cast at a general assembly. The notice to the meeting must mention the amendment to the statutes or the dissolution of the Club.