Activities of the Forest biology club

Submit your abstract to The Club’s afternoon session at the Forest Science Day October 26th, 2021

Forest Science Day will be organized as a webinar. Afternoon sessions are streamed from 13.15 to 16.00

Research-based solutions for forest management and conservation

Effective solutions for safeguarding biodiversity in managed and protected forests should be based on scientific understanding of the efficiency of different solutions. The solutions and their implementation should also be proportional to the aims. In this afternoon session of the Forest Biology Club, we will discuss the variety of methods, solutions and their cost-effectiveness in improving the state of biodiversity in Finnish forests. We will focus on analyzing how well these solutions and their implementation is grounded in rigorous scientific understanding and, on the other hand, what are the bottlenecks in transferring this understanding to practice. Similarly, transparency and openness of decision-making requires an evaluation of how current solutions and their implementation are formulated and justified.

Interested in presenting in this session? Please send your abstract to the secretary of the Forest Biology Club (niko.kulha(at), by August 22, 2021. Follow this template in abstract preparation.