Visit to Estonia, 1-3 September, preliminary schedule

1st Day, Thursday 1 September 2022
ActivityTimeContact person
Boarding in Helsinki, Länsisatama, Terminal 2, m/s Megastar6:30
Breakfast service on board7:00
Departure fro Helsinki7:30
Arrival to Port of Tallinn, Terminal D9:30
Meeting in Estonian Forest Service, Tallinn Office, Toompuiestee 2410:00-11:30Kristjan Tõnisson, member of the board
Lunch in Tallinn
Drive from Tallinn to TartuStart at ca. 13
Stop in a forest estate of Tornator Eesti Ltd. in Laeva, 30 km from Tartuca. 15-16Martin Tishler, member of the board
Visit to the Institute of Forestry and Engineering, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Kreutzwaldi 5 Tartu
17-18Prof. Marek Metslaid, director
Lodging in Hotel Dorpat, downtown Tartuca. 18:30
Free evening in Tartu
2nd Day, Friday 2 September 2022
ActivityTimeContact person
Group1 Remote Sensing: Visit to Tartu Observatory
Tõravere, Tartu county
8:30 –Mait Lang, head of the Department of Remote sensing
Group 2 Forest Ecology. Visit to Tartu university, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences,
Liivi 4 Tartu
9:30-11:00Prof. Ivika Ostonen
Prof. Maarja Öpik
Group 3 Forestry and Society:
Expectations of target groups on the forestry strategy
Lessons from forestry strategy preparation
9:30-11:00Maie Kiisel, Phd, sociologist
Meelis Teder, PhD
Drive to Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Disrictca. 11
Lunch in Järvselja students canteen12:00-13:00Ms Marge Tohvri
Two groups alternating:
– Visit to SMEAR station etc.
– Walk on Järvselja Forest Trail
afternoonProf. Steffen Noe and
Colleagues from the Institute of forestry and Engineering
Drive from Järvselja to Sagadi
Lodging in Sagadi Manor Hotel / Estate Manager’s Hostelevening
Common dinner in Sagadi Manor Restaurantevening
3rd Day, Saturday 3 September 2022
ActivityTimeContact person
Tour in Sagadi Forest Museum8:30-Mr Ain Kütt, head of the museum
Tour in Lahemaa National Parkca. 10:30
Departure to Tallinn14:00
Boarding in Poart of Tallinn, Terminal D, m/s Megastar15:30
Dinner on board, own selection and cost16:00 –
Arrival to Helsinki, Länsisatama, Terminal 218:30