The Finnish Society of Forest Science

The Finnish Society of Forest Science was established in 1909 to promote research in forest and wood science in Finland. The Society is a network of researchers that strives to stimulate scientific discussion and cooperation within the forest research community, to enhance communication between researchers and practical foresters, and to promote public interest in forest research. In spite of the initial national mission, the Society has also actively participated in international scientific cooperation.

The Society has about 500 members. Several companies, non-governmental organisations, and state-funded organisations act as supporting members of the Society.

Latest news

  • Call for presentations to Forest Sciences’ Day “Climate change in forest” 25 Oct 2023

    Finnish Society of Forest Science organises the traditional Forest Sciences’ Day on topic “Climate change in forests” on 25 October 2023. The science clubs of the Society call presentations for the six parallel sessions in the afternoon, in which climate change will be discussed from the viewpoints of several subdisciplines of forest sciences. Submit your abstract to the most interesting session at latest on 25 August 2023.
  • Information letter – 1 /2023 – Jäsentiedote

    The latest Finnish-English bilingual information letter of our Society contains the call for presentations to the Forest Sciences' Day on 25 Oct 2023, preliminary information on FAIR data seminar in August and thesis prizes 2023.
  • “(Bio)diversity in forests” – Scientific multidisciplinary workshop, 16.-17.5.2023 Jyväskylä

    Welcome to the multidisciplinary workshop for an intensive exchange among colleagues from various academic fields. Structured along three overarching themes “diverse forests”, “diverse human practices” and “diverse challenges and solutions” we are discussing structures, practices, and interpretations of forest use. The contributions focus on diverse meanings given to forests by various stakeholder groups and (local) […]
  • Finnish Society of Forest Science awarded the thesis prizes for M.Sc. thesis of Lauri Männistö and M.Sc. thesis of Janne Viljakainen

    Finnish Society of Forest Science awards annually prizes for excellent doctoral and Master’s theses accepted during the preceding year. The prizes of 2023 for two outstanding M.Sc. theses were published in the Spring meeting of the Society on 4 April 2023.
  • Apurahan saajat / Grantees 2023

    Finnish Society of Forest Science awarded four research grants, total 70,720 € and five travel grants, total 7,130 € in the Spring meeting 4 April 2023. The Society received 15 research grant applications, total 312,110 €. Thus, only 22 % could be funded. 29 % of travel grant applications got funding.